People with asthma – like everybody else – need regular exercise. Research shows that active people can control their asthma symptoms better and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


10 tips on exercising with asthma:


  1. Make sure the people you are exercising with know you have asthma.
  2. Increase your fitness levels gradually.
  3. Always have your reliever inhaler with you when you exercise.
  4. If exercise triggers your asthma use your reliever inhaler immediately before you warm up.
  5. Ensure that you always warm up and warm down.
  6. Try not to come in to contact with things that trigger your asthma.
  7. If you have asthma symptoms when you exercise, stop, take your reliever inhaler and wait 5 minutes before starting again.
  8. If you use preventative medicine, take it as prescribed by your doctor or nurse.
  9. Have regular reviews with your doctor or nurse and use an Asthma UK Personal Asthma Action Plan.
  10. Always have an Asthma UK Asthma Attack Card with you to remind you and those around you what to do if you have an asthma attack.

Information from Asthma UK ‘Stay Fit and Active’ leaflet

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